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Bath in Neusiedler Lake and boattrip

The Shipping Company Drescher recommend decades reliable and popular services and programs.

Determining the Lake Neusiedl shipping company organizes and provides the harbor Hungary Fertőrákosi since 1989, and the crossing of the cruise ship port in all avenues of Lake Neusiedl and the Hungarian section of the Austrian side.

Qualified and experienced staff, equipped with all the comforts of European standard boat fleet is the guarantee that pleasant experiences richer. Fertőrákos the port Drescher, convenient and secure unobstructed Steg, our buffet refreshments, coffee welcome.

There are many ways to learn about Lake Neusiedl: the vast variety of boat trips on Lake Neusiedl, which are connected by the beauty of nature with pleasure. Several times a day at regular sailings from közlekedtetünk Mörbisch - Rust - Illmitz ports. Our boats are suitable for transport by bicycle, which is possible in the region of Lake Neusiedl bike tours combine pleasure boating as well.

The captains Drescher Line will take you safely to port all of Lake Neusiedl. International shipping of authority, and many years of experience in the pledge of accident-free navigation. In Our Cruise personally presented the Lake Neusiedl, Hungarian, German and English Literature captain framework.

Organized sailing programs: the amusements, the Gourmet Tours, the mere Tour, Rust experience excellent fun for our trip, making it the unforgettable boat trips.

The most important tools DRESCHER LINE vessels to transport between the east and west of Lake Neusiedl harbor, but the scheduled review kompközlekedésen offers much more cruises are, cruise programs, excursions. Our boats can be rented for private events. Captain, primarily Hermann Drescher personal honor for you to feel as a passenger on the ship and I am pleased to welcome you to describe the beauty of Lake Neusiedl.

Chokolatemanufaktur in Sopron Harrer

The characteristic flavour of the coca bean depends largely on its country of origin. Just like the wine grape, the soil, the way of cultivation and the type of the plant all define the special taste. Cocoa cultivation isn't an easy task. The plant grows only in a warm but wet climate and exclusively near the 20 degrees North or South latitude. Although heat is essential for the plant, it needs to be protected from direct sunlight. The best location is a shady place under high trees.

Harrer Chokolatemanufaktur in Sopron

Harrer Chocolat Kft. / 9400 Sopron / Faller Jenő u. 4. / Tel./Fax +36 99 505 904

Harrer Chocolat taste date:
M-S: 10.00 and 14.00 Hours
Please write us:
Tel. +36 99 505 904

Pamhagen - Zoo

Zoo in Pamhagen.

Adress / Kontakt

Steppentierpark Pamhagen
Am Tierpark 1
7152 Pamhagen
(Burgenland- Österreich)

Telefon: (+43) 0 2174 / 24 89






47°43’31.21“ N 16°54’53.96“ O

Family park

Familypark Neusiedlersee
M. Müller Ges.m.b.H
Märchenparkweg 1
A-7062 St. Margarethen im Bgld.

The Family Park (M. Müller GmbH) enterprise has become a leading company in Burgenland and, in terms of area and number of attractions, the largest amusement park in Austria. welcoming 460 000 visitors in the 2014 season. Awards such as the 2013 Burgenland Innovation prize and the "2014 Manager of the Year" title to  Ulrike Müller, the Family Park director, confirm our actions in aligning the park in consistentcy with the needs and wishes of our guests. The coming years will also see further expansion of the Family Park in order that we may be able to offer our guests many more exciting and varied attractions.

A programokhoz előzetes időpont-, és létszámegyeztetés szükséges.

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